Why we pray

As our adopted children arrived already aged enough, we, as parents, had to educate and breed these young people having different culture, language and education.
We did not know where to start and we had neither the time nor the training to ensure their Christian education tailored to the different backgrounds that there were among them. We were all of us to be educated, we as parents and they as children. So we decided to go to school all of us by entrusting to the Word of God that every day the Church offers us in the liturgy.

For thirty years, by the morning, we got up and started the day sitting around the dining table more than four meters long, for breakfast, attracted by the smell of toast and enjoing to pray and meditate with the Holy Scriptures . One day after another, we all grew up in the light of the Word of God and of short meditations in the morning, guided by ourselves as parents, but with the contribution of each one of us.

Those verses of the Gospel we brought for years in our mind and heart, while leaving the house, have dug deep into us, fuelling our faith, forming our personalities and allowing us to grow together as a family community.
Our prayer is very simple: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory to the Father, some song of praise, meditation of the Gospel and of the liturgy of the day, or another piece of the Holy Scriptures.

The experience was crucial because if anyone is not continually undermined by the Word of God, he could end up and also a good attitude man could lose the reference points received by the Lord for his personal project .

Even our faith, although genuine, if not continually questioned due to the cross of Christ and the Gospel message, gradually degrades, reducing to an oppressing religion and making us lose of that wonderful sense of freedom that the Lord won. From here the need to approach with perseverance and loyalty to the Word of God was born in us, who has called us into question, undermining our defensive attitude and opening our heart to welcome with joy the gift of every day. This gift is God who has revealed himself, and is revealing even today, in Jesus of Nazareth, the true face of God and the hidden face of the man who, before the fall, was created in His image and likeness.
It is for this reason that, in our morning meditations, we almost always favored the Gospel than the other readings of the liturgy of the day.