About us

We are a married couple, Pierluigi Castaldi, an engineer, and Anna Maria Rossi Castaldi, a professor at the Catholic University of Milan.

We are Catholics and we live the spirituality of “Renewal of the Spirit”, since its origin.

We are parents of a family enjoying of fourteen children, and in the past, even of a grandmother who lived with us for about twenty-five years. The children have all left the family home, they have a degree and a professional activity. Many of them are married, they have already given us 19 grandchildren, and others are expected in the coming years.

The first child was Gianmario and two years later Giannandrea was born. The next year we adopted Maria Carmela and a month later Gianfilippo came into the world. Then, in sequence, Anna Rita, Maria Letizia, Gianlorenzo, Gianluca, Maria Francesca and Lisalberta arrived. We then adopted Luis and Edgar from Peru and Marcos and Claudio from Brazil. For a period of time, also David joined us, a teenager abandoned by his parents, as legally assigned care by Milan Court.

Each Sunday, those of them who do not live too far away come to lunch at home with their families, so we are always at the table more than twenty people, sometimes more than thirty.
The grandchildren run inside the house or, when it is good weather, on the attic terrace, and grow together joyfully, while we adults talk about work, sport, current affairs, children, present and future, always joking a little about everything.