What we offer

The reason that motivated us to open this site was not only the desire to offer a collection of biblical reflections, but also to present how a family can grow up guided by the Holy Scriptures and in particular by the Gospel. It was the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Many Christian parents want to educate their children, but often they do not know how to do and where to start, because they do not know an effective and safe method. This task is often delegated to the priests, but it should not be entrusted only to them: it is especially a parents task, who, to be successful, would have to be duly assisted by a priest.
We, then, propose the following brief reflection on the “teaching” of Jesus as to enable the Christian parents, who desire this enhancement, to make use of it for the education of their children.

The Son of God, and God himself, was incarnated in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, came to the earth to save the world accomplishing this through the liberation and redemption of the man from the sin.
The redemption for this work of salvation has been paid, once and for all by Jesus Christ on the cross. But, to the purpose of not being that event an episode of Palestine restricted only to the Palestinian men of his time, he established the Church to involve every person of every age and every place. The constitution of the Church by Jesus called for the education of some men who, after his death and resurrection, would have to take the lead. The mission of Jesus, in fact, rather than to gather crowds, was to introduce a Kingdom that reaches every person, every place and every time. To achieve this grand project he needed a few men, properly trained and prepared, which could lead the multitudes for the future. After his death, a crowd would have been easily dispersed by the religious authorities in Palestine at that time, completely controlling lives and affairs of the whole people.
Even we, as parents, especially today, are in the same situation as Jesus of Nazareth: we have the opportunity to collaborate in the salvation of the world, not only for how we engage in society and the profession, but more remarkably for how we educate our children into the faith and Christian values.
Here, then, the Gospel gives us a method and an education program, created by Jesus himself, which allows us to collaborate in the salvation of the world. But above all, it offers us the chance to know him, his lifestyle, his way of communicating and behaving in the different times of the day, which are the cornerstones of his training method.